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Different Types of Steel Framed Building

steel roof

The construction material used for making structural shapes from steel is referred to as structural steel. The shape from structural steel is described as a profile which is developed with a particular cross section, and certain standards are followed as per mechanical properties and chemical composition. In the majority of the countries which are industrialized, the structural steel sizes, strengthens, composition, shapes, storage practices and so on are usually regulated by standards. I-Beams are an example of structural steel member which contains second moments of the area at a higher rate. Click here for the benefits of steel buildings. The following are examples of various kinds of steel framed building;

Bolted steel structures

steel structuresWhen completed and painted steel products are produced by steel fabricators is referred to as a bolted steel structure. The structure is then shipped or transported to the site, and the process of bolting is done. In the workshop, fabrication is done in bulk using the right tools, lighting, machinery and excellent working conditions. The bolted steel structures are the most common method or type of steel construction. The size of the truck or the vehicle which transports is what determines the size of the products or components. The work that goes on the site is the lifting the steel structure in their right location. A pre-engineered building is an example of bolted steel structures whereby designs, fabrication, and shipment are done by one firm to the owner.

Construction from light gauge steel

In some areas of Europe and North America, the light gauge steel construction is preferred by the majority of individuals residing in these areas or places. The light gauge steel construction has many similarities with the wood framed kind of development. The main difference that occurs between these two types of development is the members of light gauge steel are employed instead of wood twos by fours. Light gauge steel is defined as steel developed or manufactured in the size of one to three millimeters and are thin. They form Z-sections or C-sections when they are bent into shape.

Conventional steel framed building fabrication

stairWhen steel’s members are cut by steel fabricators to the proper lengths and the welding is done on them so that they are joined as a final structure is usually termed as a conventional steel framed building fabrication. A lot of human resources will be needed if the structure is completed on the construction site. For excellent results, part of the steel structure should be carried out in a workshop. Hence duration of work time will be reduced, and better working conditions will be provided.