Grooming your dog with nail clippers at home

dog showing nails

Grooming your pets is very good for them. Not just for their appearance but also for their health. Grooming is essential to maintain the well being of your pet dog, especially grooming their nails. Every other week, I do a regular visit either to my vet or to the groomers for a routine grooming and nail trimming. One day, I was surfing the web. I came across a website run by a girl named Nina said I could trim my Dog’s nails at home. I was intrigued. If you can trim your dog’s nails at home, I wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of driving all the way to the professional groomers or the vet every other week. I can just do it in the comfort of my house. Plus, I wouldn’t have to spend more money out of my budget. I can buy more treats for my pup. Or anything else I want to spend it on. Here are a few tips that I learned on how to trim my dog with nail clippers at home.


dog treatsBefore trimming your canine’s nails, you need to be ready, prepared and equipped with a few things. First thing’s first, you need to select the right clippers for trimming. Research and read reviews online on which one will suit you and the bread of your canine best. Buy quality ones that are sharp, so it is easier to handle. Prepare other supplies too. Get some styptic powder out if any injuries were to happen. Have some treats ready as well. This can help you with the process.

Take your time

When it comes to dog care, if you want to take on this endeavor, you should remember to take your time. Don’t be rushed and hasty. Remember to choose the right time as well. The right time is when your dog is in a comfortable place and relaxed. You will want to make this experience as positive as possible. The treats mentioned before will come in handy. Start off with one nail and reward your pup. Take some time to collect yourself if you or your pet is not comfortable. And then resume likewise with the rest.

Practice makes perfect

dog nailsTrimming sessions can be quite challenging, especially if your furry friend doesn’t like it so much. Do this regularly with them. Don’t break the routine. Keep on practicing. Soon, you too will be a seasoned professional groomer.